4 Lessons To Learn on How to Launch and Grow A Profitable Online Course/ Business

How do you know if your new business idea is profitable?

Does it solve a problem in the community or society?

What need do you intend to solve with your product or services?Is there a clear need for such a business idea in that environment currently?

Does the business provide new and better solution to an existing issue or problem?

What solutions are you bringing to the table with your service or product that will make customers or clients look your way for consideration.

Are you meeting a need?

Is my solution unique or am I competing with those who have provided a solution to the problem?

Are you adding value to the community in a specific way through the launch of your business?Have you realised your target customer’s needs?Have you proferred solutions to meet their individual uniqueness?

Finally,what unique angle am I bringing in to the table?

You may have to ask your self the following questions to be a sucessful entrepreneur.

I remember clearly when I decided on the need to own a blog,it was scary and so many thoughts went through my mind.

Questions like you are an introvert,you don’t have the expertise to run an impactful blog.

Like ,how will I connect with them through my articles?

Will anyone ever like or even read my blog?

I did it scared..

My name is Bridget Idowu with a BSc second class honours in geology from a reputable Nigerian University.

I resigned from my employment at the bank in order to spend quality time in nurturing my kids both academically and physically.

I realised my analytical as well as problem solving skills will pay off later in the life of my children.

I was determined to see to it, that they had a good start academically in life.Thus,I spent quality time preparing them for preschool at home in my own little way.

This paid off quite well ,as they hit the ground running in literacy,numeracy,writing,arts and crafts.

I knew they had creativity and something more in them.

They could do it and I put them to the task.

I knew I had to take that bold step ,I had to launch out into the deep.

I had to do it scared anyway.

So,you may have been in my shoes wondering if your new business or online course will succeed?

Ask yourself the following questions and ruminate on it.

Cheers to a successful weekend.

How to Grow Your Blog Traffic Using SEO.

Why Your Leads Are Not Converting Into Sales

Its quite exhausting posting everyday on Instagram, facebook,blog,Pinterest, Twitter isnt it?

Going on a wide goose chase to get the customers through content …

You are getting likes but NO SALES…

You are wondering why?

Why you are not getting Sales.

Your marketing doesn’t A.C.T

Its necessary you Attract Attention...

This means find your ideal customer and audience.

Every customer is different! What works for A may not work for B.

Create Conversion..

Having attracted the right customer by knowing your customer and its needs, you will have to show them that promise of value and this better be a good time.

Forget all about the likes,look at your shares and saves.

If they arent saving,it’s not connecting.

Turn to transactions.

They will want to hear from you(Sms,dms,email list)

They will want to see you.

They will want to experience your products

Remember its about hitting the right spot.

No quickies,the best experiences are savored not rushed.

Even, if you have to be quick ,don’t rush it,make sure you leave your customers wanting more.


How to Grow Your Blog and Start Getting Sales.

Hope you have a good day.

Remember to keep safe.

The Top 4 Powerful Home Remedies for Acne,Pimples and Blackheads ( Oily Skin).

What is Acne?

According to dermatologist,this is a medical condition resulting from the clogging of pores and hair follicles by oil or dead skin cells.

The P.acne vulgaris is mostly trigged by an increase in the Andrpogens hormone which causes an oversecretion of the sebaceous gland producing sebum also known as the oil gland.

This creates a habitable growth environment for pimples, blackheads arising from clogged pores by oil.

What Are The known Types of Acne?

This can be the following,

  • Blackheads.
  • White heads.
  • Papules.
  • Pustules.
  • Nodules.
  • Cysts.
  • Pimple.
  • Hormonal.

Some of us have problematic skin such as myself.

We experience immense reactions such as dryness,skin sensitivity, peeling,pigmentation etc to some over the counter products.

Therefore,it is important to have proven natural DIY home remedies to keep our skin clean,clear,youthful and glowing.

To keep pimples and acne at bay,you need to follow a good night routine because the skin repairs itself at night and it is quite paramount you feed your skin with good natural home made products .

Therefore, with some home made DIY all natural skin care gel packed with amazing ingredients to not only heal whiteheads, acne vulgaris,cyst,pimples and the likes, but also protects your skin while asleep,the result is a clear and even skin tone which can’t be far fetched.

Below are some DIY Home remedies for Acne/Pimples

  • Aloe Vera Gel. :You will need 1 cup of water + 4 Teaspoon of aloe vera + 6 drops of essential oils.
  • Rose water: 1 cup of rose water + 2 Tsp of Jojoba oil mixed together.
  • Turmeric: 4 Tsp of fermented turmeric mixed with a cup of liquid milk.Fermentation of the turmeric is very important as it helps to extract more of the active ingredients in the product.
  • Tomato Juice:A cup of freshly blended tomatoes + 2 Tsp of raw honey.Mix together and refrigerate.
  • All home remedies made should be stored in a refrigerator or a cool place in order to prolong the shell life.

What are the Benefits of this 4 Powerful Home Remedies for Acne/Pimples?

  • Turmeric has potent anti inflammatory properties ,good for healthy skin,fights acne,reduces pigmentation and brightens acne scar over time.Additionally,a well prepared fermented turmeric with age up to 6 months old can give you a radiant skin if taken regularly.
  • Rose water:Gives a natural skin glow,treats puffy eyes,soothes dry skin.
  • Aloe vera moisturizes and smoothens the skin.
  • Tomato: Brightens the skin,minimizes pores,and lighten dark circles under the eye.

In conclusion, a patch test should be made first before commencement of any of this Top 4 powerful home remedies for acne /pimples for extremely sensitive and problematic skin..

Finally, a combination of aloe vera and Turmeric is heavenly and like a magic portion for that flawless skin you so desire.

How to Grow Your Blog to 1k Monthly Views.

A couple of times,I have tried several types of marketing and only one stood out for me and it is advertising on…..

What is your on the go advertising platform?

Is it Facebook,Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Tumbir.

Do you know how to run profitable ads that converts strollers to subscribers on your website?

Are you interested in generating more traffic to your website and retaining the visitors?

Is it possible to run profitable ads for free?

Looking forward to your responses.

Thank you for liking and following my blog.

Remember to keep safe..

Love you all.

PS.Make sure you help your kids to be the best version of themselves during this lockdown.

Let them learn new skills, computer coding, creative writing,baking,sewing, arts and crafts.

They are our future and what a time to position them on a great path to an awesome future.

How to Grow Your Blog Using FREE SEO Tool That Does Work for Beginners.

My first daughter is working on python programming….

Give it to them,they can do IT!

Grow Your Blog Traffic Using FREE SEO tool That Does Work..(Series 2)

So the question is…
Why did the business keep running despite everything that was going on?
One thing…

My 1 to 1000k monthly views System. (This is a unique free high converting Funnel )

A Screenshot of my February Report

I have been told that to build a high- converting funnel,running Facebook Ads is the single most impactful thing you can do to grow your online business.

However , the rapid growth experienced wasnt from Facebook.
It was from an underestimated SEO tool that works.

A Screen shot of my February report
A screenshot of my March Report
A screenshot of my April Report.
My May Report.

 I had to pinch myself!

If you are a Coach, Consultant or Course creator and  you are  trying to successfully move away from going through a cycle of feast to famine, this strategy is your golden ticket.
But how do you build a high-converting funnel and run profitable ads without Facebook?
Introducing 1 to 1000k viewers (More Monthly Views)

My name is Bridget Idowu  and I enjoy teaching preschoolers as well as Coaching Entrepreneurs.
I help Entrepreneurs get a steady stream of customers online using my 1 to 1000k (A special and underestimated FREE SEO Tools  aside  Facebook Ads as a sale  Funnels).

In under 60 days, I was able to grow my blog traffic from 1 FREE to over a 1000k on autopilot! There’s the screenshot above.

The screen shots clearly shows the growth from 1 monthly view in February to over a thousand in May.

We continue on Monday..

You can read previous post.

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How To Grow Your Blog Using FREE SEO tool That Does Work.

Grow Your Blog Traffic Using FREE SEO Tool That Does Work.

I hold your hand and take you step by step through the process that I use to generate a minimum 1000 MONTHLY VIEWS.

Does this sound familiar?

A Free SEO Tool That Works.

How to Grow Your Blog Traffic.

You experienced COVID19 lockdown in a way that shook you and drove you to examine your business or life more closely and now you realise you need a way to sell your products or services continuously online without hassle?

Or you even had a period during the Lockdown that you didn’t feel like showing up for your business,

You didn’t feel like selling because there was so much uncertainty
or maybe you felt frustrated because you wanted to do stuff in your business and make money but since you couldn’t go out physically to interact with your contacts, you were stranded.

Or maybe you got in touch with your

clients, but everyone was complaining about the economic situation so you knew you needed to reach a new audience but you couldn’t because you didn’t know what to do.

 Well,  I live in Nigeria and March was the month of the COVID -19 Lockdown.
I was hit by the Lockdown, not because I didn’t have money or that business slowed down. Because of something else.
Let me give you the back story.
I resigned my job from the bank in 2013 to take care of my young family..
I struggled to find my passion and what else to do with my life.
I went from one business idea and venture to another but it was just no use…

I devoted my time to Homeschooling my kids and there I discovered my passion for early education and preschool as a whole..

Suddenly, in the wake of the lockdown, I grew my blog from 1 view to over a thousand monthly visitors.

I was dazed and amazed.

What did I do?

I tried my sales funnel the next month and I was at 333 views and currently I hit over a 1000 views monthly.

I got this result for FREE….

I achieved this by using a FREE SEO tool that works.

So, you can imagine my joy when I suddenly hit over a thousand in 3months.
I was elated..
There was this air of uncertainty that just hung around(don’t know if you feel it too) .

I kept watching to see if this trend would continue like this with my proven and discovered secret SEO tool?

Yes it did..
My blog still kept running and my views kept increasing.

I didnt have to start writing contents on a weekly basis ….
It was reassuring and gave me some sense of stability in the midst of the lockdown.
I didn’t have to brainstorm about what to write.
I would spend hours with hubby and the kids.We were bonding as a family and it was really cool.
I would wake up in the morning, check my phone and see that my views had trippled..

Let me stop here for now….

Do you want to know more on how I achieved this?

Watch out for the continuation…

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He Still Remains God

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This year dealt me a great blow.I lost my beloved Mother. The pain of loosing her was so excruciating. I didnt see it coming.

Yeah, before you ask,It wasnt Covid related. My mum had struggled with this illness for a long time but God kept her through it all.

Watching her going from the once bubbling woman to another person that we could barely understand was mind blowing….

At a tender age of 10, I assumed the responsibility of taking care of my baby sister who was just 3 years old.

But for 27 years, God had His reason for keeping her.

We prayed, fasted,trusted and hoped against hope that no situation was beyond Him(God)

Bible says he declares the end from the beginning…

Even before we were born, God knew us…

Why wouldn’t God just heal mom was always at the back of mind…

Even in death, I still questioned HIM…

But I got no answer but that He is God all by Himself…

Inspite of the recent happenings going on around the world ,from the pandemic ,to unjust killings of innocent lives over trivial matters and rape of women…..

The WORDS that I speak unto you , they are spirit and they are life.

He still remains God.

He is Unquestionable..

He is the Almighty.

He is the Most High God.

He is the Ancient of Days..

He is the Beginning and the Ending.

He is the bright and morning star.

He is the lily of the valley.

He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ever ask or think of.

Dearly beloved, despite all the pains, sufferings and heartbreak we might be going through, He still loves us..

We are engraven on the palm of his hands and our walls are continually before him.

Not even a strand of our hair falls to the ground without his knowledge..

However, we all have questions as to why we never received answers to our prayers or request…

I have no answer to this dear friends.

My mother never got her healing till she passed on…..

I cried, Oh how I cried and felt dissappointed….

But God still remains God….

He is too faithful to fail..

He has his reasons for doing everything.

The foolish things of God is wiser than ours…

I still praise him everyday inspite of whatever I am going through.

I guess, this prove to us that the secret things belongs to God but those that are revealed are to us and our children.

Pls dont give up….

He will answer at the appointed time and what if he choose not to answer?

He remains God.

Stay blessed.

My Long Walk With Acne Book Available on Amazon Kindle

If you are tired of having a skin covered in ACNE,then this book is for you.

The young lady shares her experience and struggles with acne for 3Decades…

What better person to learn from…..

She lets you in on her proven tips to achieving a clear skin naturally and fast after such a long time..

This can be your story too…

Book available on Amazon Kindle.

Follow link for purchase…

You will be glad you did.



Amazon Tracing Book for 3 year olds/ Preschool Learning Books

What is Tracing?

According to Merriam -Webster

A copy of a picture, map, etc., that is made by tracing the original.

Kids Definition of tracing

a copy of something traced from an original

Why should my kids practice tracing?

#Tracing Book For 3 year Olds .Part of Preschool Learning Series available on Amazon.

Tracing is scientifically proven to have undeniable benefits related to drawing, literacy, maths and even brain growth.

However, different ages have distinct features and potentials, especially with preschoolers.

Why buy the Amazon Number Tracing book?

It is an age appropriate “nunber tracing book for 3 years”to engage your kids with effective and enjoyable learning activities.


Number Tracing book for Ages 3.

Why buy this particular book?

This workbook comprises three parts of tracing and colouring which are:

  • Tracing lines: This is a fun way to start your kids journey with a simple step of tracing basic lines to gain control over their arm,hand and finger movement.
  • Tracing shapes:This part helps improve muscle dexterity and coordination to prepare kids for writing and drawing.
  • Tracing numbers:This part provides an opportunity to develop early maths skills like recognising numbers and counting.

Colouring:All pages have adorable pictures in black and white for colouring.

Did you know?

Over 70% of the world population are visual learners?

Therefore, pages of this book have lively illustrations to help kids absorb new information easily and have fun colouring!

Blank pages with lovely frames are also offered for free drawing.Here, your kids can become creative by coming up with their own drawings and pictures.

Remember, your kids the most suitable books!

Click on the link to purchase.

Free Printable Maths Worksheet ____Preschool Activities.

The year 2020 started just like every other year .We ushered in the new year with great hopes,expectations,aspirations and faith.

Beyond a doubt, we all thought it would be our best year ever.

Fast forward to now, these past few months haved proved quite challenging and tiring for everyone.

As we witness the increased spread of the novel virus – coronavirus pandemic ravaging across the globe, the different continent all battling for survival .

Most appalling is the lack of our scientists to find a cure for this pandemic.

We all thought /believed we were going to be living with this virus for a short while! Alas, we were very wrong.

The sought for short break to curl up on our bed with a good novel,watching the latest block buster on Netflix and probably that personal development we had put off for long.It was a great time to get it all done.

However,this hasn’t been the case.

The whole world and society at large is yet to recover or return back to normal.

I share my printable worksheets for homeschooling your kids during this world wide lockdown.

I hope it helps…

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